In 2011, the Texas Legislature approved historic cuts to funding for public education. Foundations across Texas saw successful public/private partnerships threatened or eliminated by budget cuts. Also, demand for scarce foundation dollars increased as community groups saw their revenues eliminated from school district budgets. In response, a geographically and politically diverse group of foundations joined together with the mission of promoting, protecting and improving public education in Texas. The Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC) is designed to be a forum and serve as a focal point for organizing philanthropic efforts.  In some cases the Consortium seeks to pool funds from multiple foundations to increase the impact of its advocacy efforts. The Consortium is partnering with policymakers, the media, the business community, academics, advocates, parents and others to ensure the broadest dissemination of its work. The Consortium created a clear and concise strategy for combining the resources and talents of education grantmakers in Texas. The work of the Consortium includes:
  • STRATEGY 1:  Provide Objective Data on key public education policy issues
  • STRATEGY 2:  Mobilization of Foundation Trustees beyond Direct Grantmaking
  • STRATEGY 3:  Grantmaking with an Emphasis on Public Awareness and Outreach