Money in Education Matters

A 21st century education requires resources. The quality of education delivered is directly related to a school’s quantity of resources. There is no low-cost alternative to a high-quality teacher or manageable classroom size.

Money matters in public education:

  • Funding cuts by state lawmakers led to fewer teachers and support staff and less money for science, computers, art and other programs, affecting all students at all grade levels.
  • School districts now have fewer resources than they did in 2008, before the recession, despite nearly 14% more students in Texas and rising costs.
  • Most of the money in Texas public education (76 percent) goes to pay direct educational costs, such as the teachers that prepare our children for their future. Funding cuts mean teacher layoffs and more crowded classrooms.

The Center for Public Policy Priorities produced this analysis in 2018, with support from the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC).