Teacher Salaries are the Main Piece of School Budgets

Fifty-nine percent of school operating expenditures are spent on payroll salaries and benefits.1 Out of money spent on professional salaries (i.e. teachers, support staff, and administration) statewide, 73% goes toward paying teachers.2

Administrative salaries make up the smallest proportion of professional salaries at just 10%.3 This means public schools are operating efficiently to put the greatest salary resources toward the people directly educating students—teachers.

Unfortunately, public schools are still experiencing a squeeze on staffing from massive state budget cuts that the Legislature passed in 2011. With increasing student growth, Texas schools need 11,000 more teachers to reach the same student-teacher ratios from nearly a decade ago.4 Improving student-teacher ratios will require additional funding.

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    The Center for Public Policy Priorities produced this analysis in 2018, with support from the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC).